Terms & Conditions

General Rental Terms

General Rental Terms

In order to facilitate the rental process the Sprintcar terms and conditions


1. The Lessee shall possess regular and valid personal documents - passport, ID card, driving license record. Only the parties appearing in the present agreement (THE LESSEE AND THE ADDITIONAL DRIVER) shall be authorized to drive the rented vehicle.

2. The minimum rental period shall be twenty-four (24) hours or 1 hour for ATV, Buggy and Scooter.

3. A vehicle inspection shall be performed upon signing the agreement, an Acceptance-Delivery Protocol shall be signed and the remarks shall be entered. A vehicle inspection shall be performed once again upon returning the vehicle and in case any damages and shortages at the false of the LESSEE have been determined, they shall be paid by the said at market prices.


4. The vehicle shall be handed over to the LESSEE in sound and safe technical condition with the equipment, specified in the Acceptance-Delivery Protocol, which is an integral part of the agreement, and the vehicle shall be returned at the conditions of this Protocol. The Lessee shall return the vehicle whit all given documents at the place, specified in the agreement, within the specified term and in the same condition.

5. If the Lessee refuses to sign the Acceptance-Delivery Protocol upon returning the vehicle, it shall be signed unilaterally by the Lessor and a witness, confirming the refusal, and the ascertainments in the protocol shall as well bind the party, refused to sign it and they can be used as evidence in the court.

6. In case of fault of the rented vehicle, caused by production defect and/or normal wearing-off of any element, the LESSOR, upon the LESSEE'S approval, shall replace the faulted vehicle with another one of the same type within two working days. The LESSOR shall prolong the term of the agreement with at least as much time as the period from the fault till the replacement of the vehicle.

7. Upon receiving the vehicle the Lessee shall pay to the Lessor the deposit specified in this agreement which guarantees the conscientious fulfillment of the Lessee's obligations under this agreement and shall be used as a Lessor's compensation for any damages to the rented vehicle, caused during the effectiveness of the agreement. Upon returning, in case there are no damages to the rented vehicle and the Lessee has fulfilled all his/her obligations according to the agreement, the deposit shall be fully returned to the Lessor.

8. In case the Lessee has not fulfilled any of his/her obligations under this agreement the Lessor is entitled to retain the whole deposit or a part of it in order to be compensated for the damages caused to the vehicle as a result of its exploitation, and possibly for missing parts or elements, fuel or for the expenses necessary for restoring the same condition, at which the vehicle has been handed over upon concluding this agreement. Retaining the deposit from the Lessor in the cases enumerated above shall not suspend the Lessee's property liability for damages caused to the Lessor to an amount more than the value of the vehicle.

9. In case the deposit has been blocked from a credit card and the conditions for its fully or partially retaining by the Lessor are at presence, the Lessee shall give his/her irrevocable and unconditionally consent to its acquiring/receiving/on behalf of the Lessor.


10. The full rental price for the vehicle and the deposit shall be paid upon receiving the vehicle and signing the Acceptance-Delivery Protocol.

11. The rental price includes: Free delivery (08:00 - 22:00h.) Неограничен пробег Insurance of Civil Responsibility Full Auto Casco Insurance of the Vehicle Paid Road Tax (Vignette) 24/7 assistance 20% VAT

12. The rental price shall not include the fuel. In case the vehicle is returned with an incomplete reservoir, the missing fuel shall be paid by the LESSEE.

13. The rental price shall not include the appearing in the present agreement of additional driver, not a family member, placing equipment at renter's disposal, as follows: snow chains, baby seat, ski roof, navigation, as well as fines or any other sanctions imposed by The Control Authorities to the driver for not observing the Law on traffic of the Republic of Bulgaria or other normative regulations.

14. In case of a delay not more than 4 hours, the LESSEE shall pay a penalty to the amount of 1/2 (half) of the daily rental charge. In case of a delay from 4 to 8 hours, the LESSEE shall pay a penalty to the amount of 2 (two) daily rental charges.


15. The LESSEE shall bear full material responsibility and shall undertake, regardless of his/her guilt, to pay the LESSOR, at the delivery of the vehicle, the full compensation regarding the vehicle price, necessary to restore it to its original state, including the expenses for returning, repair, missed benefits from rent for the time required for repair in the following cases:

15.1. Damages, losses or theft of the vehicle or parts of it or its equipment, described in the Acceptance-Delivery Protocol as well as in case of fire or breaking of glass or lack of a record of ascertainment for car accident by the Police/Traffic Police.

15.2. Damages, losses or theft of the vehicle or parts of it or its equipment, described in the Acceptance-Delivery Protocol as well as in case of fire or breaking of glass and presence of a record of ascertainment for car accident by the Police/Traffic Police, in which the LESSEE'S guilt is ascertained.

15.3. Damages of the vehicle or parts of it or its equipment, described in the Acceptance-Delivery Protocol, as well as in case of fire or breaking of glass which are caused on purpose by the LESSEE.

15.4. Damages and losses resulting from driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

15.5. Damages and losses resulting from giving the vehicle to the disposal of third person who is not authorized in the contract or not possessing a valid driving license for the rented vehicle.

15.6. Damages of the tyres, wheel rims, chassis or running gear of the vehicles which are not caused by fire or car accident certified by a record by the Police/Traffic Police.

15.7. The LESSEE does not return registration certificate, the key and remote control for the vehicle, the policy for "Civil Responsibility" insurance/together or separately/in case of theft of the vehicle by third person.

15.8. Damages resulting from using the vehicle for haulage of another vehicle or trailers as well as to participate in competitions, training or tests, to carry large, buik and any other loads.

15.9. Loss, destroying or theft of a registration certificate, key, remote control, sign for technical inspection, the LESSEE shall pay the costs for their reinstatement in double size.

16. The Lessee undertakes:

16.1. Not to leave the key and registration certificate in the vehicle.

16.2. To use the vehicle according to its designation and to look after it with the care of a good owner.

16.3. In case of an accident damage or break down to initiate all necessary measures for salvage, restriction and/or decreasing the damages of the rented vehicle.

16.4. In case of a car accident, theft, damage, accident or whatever accident might be regarding the rented car - to observe the requirements of Low on Traffic and the Regulations for its applications for records and other documents issued by The Police/ The Traffic Police. In case of damage/accident the LESSEE shall notify immediately the LESSOR by reporting all facts, circumstances and data/ witnesses' names, etc. / in relation to it as well as to help the Police/Traffic Police in order a Record for Car Accident to be issued which record he/she shall submit to the Lessor. He/she shall assist the LESSOR and insurance company to clarify the accident and caused damages.

17. Non-fulfillment of the obligation to return the rented vehicle by the LESSEE for more than 24 hours reckoning from the hour for returning specified in the contract shall be deemed misappropriation and the LESSOR notifies the competent authorities, as he reserve all rights under this contract. The LESSEE declares that he/she is aware of the following circumstances - the rented car is not his/her property; the car is given to him in order to hold, keep, and drive it via this contract; the lessee shall not treat the car as his/her own if he does this, he/she shall be responsible under art.206 of the Penalty Code for misappropriation.

18. If the LESSEE wishes to extend the term of the contract, he must notify the LESSOR for this no later than 48 hours before the expiration of the contract and to conclude a new written contract.

19. The LESSEE may require extending the term of the contract before its expiration, including by phone. In case of agreement by the LESSOR, the contract shall be considered extended with 24 hours. Thus extended the contract can not be prolonged again.

20. The LESSOR reserves his/her right to take back the ownership of the vehicle, without notification at any time and at LESSEE'S expenses if the vehicle is used by him in breach of the present contract.


21. All modifications and amendments of the contract as well as all documents reflecting its execution are valid if they are made in writing and are signed by authorized representatives of the parties.

22. The regulations of the operative legislation shall be applied for all cases unsettled and issuing from the contract. The contract was drawn up in two identical copies - one copy for each party. The Acceptance-Delivery Protocol represents integral part of it.

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